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St Edmunds Primary School

Beech Class

As always, Beech class have been putting an enormous amount of effort into making progress with their learning. We have been particularly impressive with our abilities to discuss our individual ideas and build on eachother’s understanding. Taking turns to talk and finding ways to compromise is a huge skill, but we’re able to “smash it” more often than not. 

MR outlined upcoming learning in our other newsletter at the beginning of the term but just to remind you, we have been focussing on: 

-Place value, partitioning numbers, representing numbers and writing numbers as words in maths and will be moving on to estimating on a numberline, finding 10, 100 and 1000 more or less and eventually rounding up and down to the nearest 10/100/1000. 

-Myths and legends are our focus in literacy and we have been developing skills which will help us write our own versions eventually. The skills include being able to use adverbs and understanding where they can be placed in a sentence, recognising proper nouns and creating compound modifiers (back-breaking, jaw-dropping, wide-mouthed etc). 

-Topic has seen us being curious about early humans and practising being reflective when considering what makes us who we are. We shared our values, what the meanings of our names are and are beginning to research religions to better understand the role that they can play in a human’s life. 

Celebrating each other’s successes is something that Beech class does best, and so we have created a “Hall of Fame” for: 

-People who received Star of the Week

-People who have met the class target (to take pride in and present our learning well). 

-People who have shown the target learning characteristics (being collaborative, being curious, being good at giving and receiving feedback, being independent, being resilient and being resourceful). 

Beech class members are trying hard to improve their handwriting so they can meet the class target (presenting learning well) and to receive a highly coveted pen license! The journey to handwriting supremacy can be a long and frustrating one but nothing worth le ever comes super easily and quickly. Joshua is working hard on a “Handwriting Mountain” which he’s hoping will be used to encourage others to improve their handwriting. Practise resilience and practise your handwriting! 

To have the best possible opportunities to meet all the requirements of the current year, you should practise instantly recalling times tables and division facts as much as possible and continue reading to and with others.  

The rules continue to be “Ready, Respectful and Safe”. 

Library plea 

We are currently in the process of revamping the library to make it a more comfortable and enjoyable place to be in. We want it to be a collaborative project so are asking for suggestions from all children, potential donations of soft seating from you and any amazing pieces of art relating to books (sculptures in particular).