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St Edmunds Primary School

Beech Class

Beech Class Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers/Superfans,

This very special half term will see Beech class take to the boards once more after they stole the show with their dance number at the talent show. Rehearsals for Hoodwinked are well underway and I am already hearing Olivier nomination rumours.

When we are not giving Meryl Streep a run for her money then we are writing fantasy stories and reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Already we have invented fantasy worlds and looked at a huge range of potential beings that can be found in fantasy novels.

Decimals and fractions might not be everyone’s idea of fun but Beech class seem to be loving them (I’m still shocked) and they genuinely have a natural talent with them! After we smash them, we will be going over the things we still find challenging and nailing the times tables some more in time for the Year 4 Multiplication Check (get revising!).

In Science, we have been looking at plants, but will move on to the dangerous world of Rocks and Soils soon enough. It’s going to be wild.

I’m already receiving slightly heart-breaking and probably quite illegal bribery letters from children in the class about my leaving but we needn’t think about that yet as there’s loads more Russell time to be had and I am sure this will be our greatest half term ever.

Beech class are and always have been just the best fun to teach and I am definitely a superfan of theirs.

They all deserve a biscuit. 


Mr Russell