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St Edmunds Primary School

School Staff

Welcome to our School Staff page. We are very proud of all of our Staff, they work incredibly hard, day in day out, ensuring that together, every child thrives.

Miss Susie Collins, Academy head

Miss Collins is the Academy Head for Mendham Primary School & St Edmund's Primary School & together we are Waveney Valley Partnership. Miss Collins is at both schools throughout the week & days can vary.


Mrs claire tilley, Assistant Academy Head

Mrs Tilley is the Assistant Academy Head for St Edmunds Primary.


Miss Sheri Frearson (On maternity leave)

Miss Frearson works full time in the office and is able to help with general queries about the school. If you are interested in a place at St Edmund's, please contact the email below.


miss niamh carlin, administrative assistant


Mrs Holly Eaton, Nursery & reception class teacher

Mrs Eaton teaches our Nursery and Reception children in Acorn class.



Mrs Lakeisha Mansfield, Class Teacher

Mrs Claire Tilley, Year 1 & 2 Class Teacher

Mrs Tilley is the teacher for Years 1 & 2 and has been with the school for many years and enjoys teaching our Key stage 1 pupils,

Email: c.tilley@wvpschools.or

Mr Andy Russell, Year 3 & 4 Class Teacher

Mr Russell in Beech Class joined us in 2019 to cover maternity and has been appointed full time and is enjoying teaching the Year 3 & 4s in Beech class


Mr Phil Jones, Year 5 & 6 Class Teacher


Mr Jones is the class teacher for Rowan class - years 5 & 6.


mrs rosalyn glasse



miss kayte foster







Miss sarah hardy, teaching assistant

Miss Hardy has been with St Edmund's School for a number of years & can often be found in Acorn Class with our Nursery and Reception children.


Mrs Sarah Stephenson, Teaching assistant

Mrs Stephenson has been with St Edmund's School for a number of years & enjoys working as part of our Teaching Assistant team. She is also a qualified swim instructor for a local swimming centre.

Mrs AImee Tilley, PE team

Mrs Tilley is part of the PE team & teaches different year groups throughout the year a variety of sports including hockey, gymnastics & field games.

Mr Cameron Hopkins, PE team

Mr Hopkins is part of the PE team & teaches different year groups throughout the year a variety of sports including hockey, & field games. as a qualified swimming instructor Mr Hopkins will lead some of the swimming lessons we offer to year groups as different times of the year.

Mrs Jane Thompson, Maths Intervention

Mrs Thompson works part time for WVP schools and helps a number of our children to improve their Math skills.

Mrs Michelle Hinsley, apprentice teaching assistant

Mrs Hinsley has been training to become a Teaching Assistant through the open university & has been working with WVP schools to complete her work experience training. She has a background in childcare and is currently working for a nursery local

Miss claire evans, apprentice teaching assistant

Miss Evans has started her apprenticeship in Sep 2020 and is enjoying her training at St Edmund's Primary School. She will spend some time studying at college as well as visiting other schools within CMAT to see a wide variety of schools. Claire is a keen baker and enjoys helping the children with little cooking projects.

Mrs Emma Cane, teaching assistant



Mrs Cane had been at St Edmunds for 8 years before becoming a Teaching assistant. Mrs Cane ran our Extended schools club previously and is now a full time Teaching Assistant. Her hobbies are dog walking and running.

Mrs sally alley, teaching assistant

As a qualified teacher & Teaching assistant Mrs Allmey understands how important school is to many children and enjoys being able to assist in the classrooms of many year groups.                                                                              

head of kitchen (vertas)



Mrs Maria Smith, cleaner 

Mrs Smith has been a part of St Edmund's Primary school for a number of years & keeps the school in shape after every school day.

Mr Bill flaherty, caretaker

Mr Flaherty is part of the CMAT team and will visit the school once a week to undertake any maintenance onsite and regular safety checks for the school.  

The Consortium Trust support and actively promote Trade Union and Professional Body membership with our staff. We see effective and collaborative partnership working between the Trust Leadership and Management and recognised bodies as essential to the successful operation of our schools and establishments but does not currently have any paid Trade Union representatives within our Staff.

In Norfolk, teaching unions have set up a website that grades schools on how they treat their employees, Glebeland Primary, has been awarded the maximum 18points:

Consortium recognises all six of the Teaching Unions including the new National Education Union (NUT/ATL) along with Unison and the GMB.  The Trust and the recognised Trade Unions have agreed to set up a JCC (Joint Consultative Committee); please view the Terms of Reference below.